Trax Tire Inc., a Tire Pros dealer, in Mobile and Baldwin County, Alabama. The company has enjoyed a long line of history and success in servicing fleet customers. The concept of Trax Tires was born out of the unmet need to bring a speed of service solution to fleet businesses.

Jim Lunceford, the founder of Trax Tires owned and operated a traditional single location automotive service center. As his business grew, and in particular his fleet customer business, he saw the need to operate a facility and create processes that were completely focused on professional automotive maintenance and repair conducted with highly efficient speed and delivery of service.

The need is real. Fleet customers cannot afford to be waiting and idle during key business times. A car or truck waiting for repair, an oil change or other maintenance is time wasted and business lost. The Trax Tires operating model is the optimum solution to fleet customers’ needs.

Today, that original focus remains. Over 4,000 fleet operators trust us to maintain and repair their fleets. Continually expanding on the concept, Trax Tires is highly suited to meeting the needs of fleet customers throughout the South.

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Key Features of Our Operation: Benefits for Fleet Businesses

High number of service locations – We offer convenient, flexible servicing of fleets no matter whether the fleet vehicle is operating locally or on the road.

  • 10 service centers

Speed of Delivery of Service

  • Quick and efficient oil changes
  • Mechanical work completed quickly and professionally


  • We give fleet customers high priority
  • We offer pick up and delivery of vehicles for companies located near our service centers, optimizing the fleet company’s operational efficiency.
  • Service on Saturdays while the fleet’s business is closed or vehicle’s are less utilized.

Highly organized, Efficient Back-end systems

  • 1 invoice-statement monthly through our combined billing
  • Complete service records and global database throughout all stores by VIN #. We always know the vehicles service history, no matter which locations your vehicle uses.
  • Complete vehicle service records


  • We hire the best, we pay a superior wage and employ a superior employee
  • Full time employees – No Part Timers
  • Highly rated ASE certified mechanics


  • We use only premium parts that meet or exceed manufacturer’s warranty specifications
  • State of the Art Maintenance and Equipment
  • We offer a comprehensive warranty on parts and labor

Competitive Pricing

  • We believe in competitive pricing for fleet operations
  • We offer permanent discounts on our services for fleet operations

Large or Small Fleets

  • Whether a small business with 3 vehicles or a large business such as a Municipal fleet or utility, we can service your needs efficiently and effectively.

These fleet accounts are accepted by most of our locations:

  • PH&H
  • GE Capital
  • ARI
  • MAP
  • Donlen Corporation
  • EMKAY, Inc.
  • Enterprise Fleet